China launches English-language news channel

China has launched a 24-hour English-language news channel this month. Called CNC World and already broadcasting in Asia, the channel is set to be available worldwide in August.

Run by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, it will struggle to gain global credibility unless it can shake off the propaganda shackles for which Xinhua has become renowned in the West.

It is already trying to do this. “We are a company, and we are in this for the business,” said Wu Jincai, president of China Xinhua News TV Network Co Ltd, which operates CNC World.

“Setting up a TV station is a very straightforward thing. But because we are from China and we are Xinhua, everyone harbours some doubts about us.”

In a first for China, CNC World is only 51 per cent owned by Xinhua, with the rest being owned by private investors.

Still, in a self-produced trailer, it announced the network would “boost China’s comprehensive power,” a key phrase used by Communist party propaganda officials, reports the Financial Times.

So I guess it’s up to us to wait and see.

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China joins global media with network launch’, The Financial Times, 1 July 2010

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