11 trends in ’11

eMarketer’s predictions for online marketing trends

Any marketer working in any online channels, which is probably most marketers by now, should read this report. It is US-focused, but trends tend to drift across the Atlantic pretty quickly these days.

In a nutshell, these are eMarketer’s 11 trends for 2011:

1.     Real-time bidding for online display ads will continue to heat up the market and gain more market share.

2.     Two types of ad targeting continue to fight it out for supremacy: as a marketer do you target the site with content you like or do you follow your audience wherever they happen to go?

3.     Online privacy debate comes into new light. Ever more data collection will enable better targeting for marketers at the same time people become more protective of their privacy and the EU implements stricter privacy laws to stop the collection of certain personal data.

4.     Social gets it share of marketing dollars.

5.     Location-based marketing becomes more important and a serious source of targeting for marketers.

6.     Using smartphones for comparison shopping. “Mobile commerce will have its first major effect on commerce as an in-store research tool.”

7.     Social shopping and personalised content. Online content becomes very personalised with specific content sent according to an individual’s preferences as shopping sites use social network data to make recommendations.

8.     Magnetic content – in reality this just means really good, original content that will attract (pull) in your desired audience.

9.     Apps invade all platforms.

10. Merging video platforms.

11. US Census results will make marketers more aware of Hispanic audience. The online population is almost saturated in the US. Growth will come from minority communities and the census results will help marketers understand which minorities to target.

Get the report here. You have to fill out a form to download it, but it’s worth it.

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