We?re recording your smile ? but will it work on Brits?

OK, OK, I confess. I am mainly posting this because of the fun factor. I was intrigued to see how this new interactive technology could track my smile using my web cam to see how much I liked what I was watching.

I am talking about new technology developed by MIT that can track facial expression via webcam. ?The technology was originally developed to help autistic people but is now being used to help businesses understand their customers. Forbes reported this story earlier this month and is encouraging readers to help advance the research by asking them to watch three videos.

So I did it.

But I didn?t smile.

Even on the videos I loved, I didn?t smile. Not like other people ? loads of them smiled. That got me thinking, is it just because I?m a Brit? We?re not renowned for overtly showing our emotion. Don?t get me wrong, I like a gag as much as the next guy, and I really enjoyed that Google video, but do I sit in front of my computer laughing hilariously or even smiling pleasantly at great corporate adverts or ?viral video?? No, I do not.I might think, “That’s good” and then move on, but that’s about the extend of my reaction.

I?d really like to see a breakdown of results that show differences between American and Brits. Or maybe you could score yourself ? how much you think you smiled ? compared to how much you actually did smile.

What do you think? Try it out here.

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