Britain?s ?Brands of the Century?

In celebration of 100 years of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The Marketer has put together a list of Britain?s top 30 brands of the century. Or, in other words, the top British brands that are over 100 years old.

They are:

1.???? HSBC

2.???? Barclays

3.???? PriceWaterhouseCoopers

4.???? BT

5.???? BP

6.???? Deloitte

7.???? Sainsbury?s

8.???? Thompson Reuters

9.???? Morrisons

10. The Co-operative

11. Prudential

12. Marks & Spencer

13. Rio Tinto

14. Royal Bank of Scotland

15. Lloyds TSB

16. Cadbury

17. Pearson

18. Rolls-Royce

19. Lipton

20. Halifax

21. Vauxhall

22. Johnny Walker

23. Wolseley

24. John Lewis

25. Bank of Scotland

26. RSA

27. Scottish Widows

28. Johnson & Matthey

29. Legal & General

30. Cheltenham & Gloucester

The list shows comprehensively how investing in marketing to strengthen the brand pays off over the long term.

As Brand Finance CEO and CIM fellow David Haigh puts it:

?These brands are worth billions of dollars. In the case of HSBC, $27.6bn. These assets have been created by careful marketing and planning over the long term. Marketers ought to show this list to their financial directors. They should use it as proof that brands are worth investing in. Get your strategy right, and back that up with the right resources, and you can create an extraordinarily valuable and durable asset that can grow in value over decades.?

Brand valuation company Brand Finance produced the list for The Marketer. For the full details of how the calculations were done, read the article.

Read more:

The Marketer, In depth: Brands of the century, 19 April 2011

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