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Posted: 22 July 2011

Over the last number of weeks we have spiced up our blog with some very diverse and interesting articles by some of our friends and they have gone down a treat with our readers.

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We give our sincere thanks to those who have contributed their time, opinions and creativity and we look forward to a number of others that will be published over coming weeks. Topics were varied and opinions were direct and well supported ? the perfect combination for some excellent reading.

The guest blogs got a kick-start by Michelle van Schouwen, who wrote a very informative blog about location-based marketing for B2B and the challenges that must be overcome. Examples of how B2B firms will leverage new forms of location-based marketing were also given making it a superb blog entry.

Lori Thicke was next to submit a piece and based hers on her wonderful cause ?Translators without Borders?. Lori gave details of the work the charity does and how it has the potential to reach so many in desperate need. The blog was heartwarming and educational, providing statistics on how current charity work desperately needs help with translation.

Next up was a blog from Reinhard Sch?ler, who related his message to the book Indignez-vous!, or Time for Outrage (the title of his blog). The piece focused on the factor that it was someone?s human right to have information presented to them in their own language. The argument is strong, making it one of our most popular guest blogs to date.

Stephanie Oyama followed, and submitted an insightful article on the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in Japan earlier this year. Stephanie placed emphasis on the fact that Japan was struggling more due to the nuclear explosion than the tsunami itself and highlighted the struggle that the Japanese are still facing and how it needs to look to lessons of the past. A great thought provoking post.

Our latest guest blog came from Kathleen Bostick who shared her experiences of the success of Translators without Borders at Localisation World this year. Kathleen emphasized how the localisation industry came together and raised an incredible $9000 at the three day event. Kathleen shares the excitement of both those who gave donations and received prizes ? there is also a great photograph which summarises the entire event. It illustrated how competitor organizations can work together for the common good. Great stuff.

Guest blogs from Nigel Curtis at CWPand Peter Jones from Canon are next up the ramp in the coming weeks. We look forward to these and encourage all our readers to participate. We are looking for diverse and interesting opinions on all matters relating to international business and communications. Our aim for this blog is to be a place where our friends, colleagues, customers and peers can exchange information and opinions in interesting and thoughtful ways. I hope that you agree that the recent guest blogs have taken us a good way in that journey. Thanks again to all those who have contributed.

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Gary Muddyman

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