Meet the Global Guru iPad winners…so far! You could be next!

Over 13,000 Global Guru players have been racking up billions and billions of dollars doing international business deals as they travel from country to country showing off their business and cultural knowledge. Luckily for the Conversis team, there is no chance of bankrupting ourselves as this money is only virtual..Phew!

However, for a few lucky players having fun while learning new things wasn?t the only thing they got. Oh no, so far we have given away two iPad 2?s and have a third (very excited) winner in London who will be getting hers very soon!

But don?t worry ? we still have more to give away! (So get playing.. and why not tell us what you think about it on our Facebook page).

Given our track record of high quality, insightful (and occasionally a little embarrassing) video output we decided to introduce our winners ?(see links below) so everyone could be suitably jealous of them getting their new iPad 2?s! So let?s meet them!

First up, was our first Global Guru Amy McNeese-Mechan.

Below is a photograph of Amy with her brand new iPad 2. I flew to Edinburgh to present Amy with her prize. We met at the very sophisticated Malt Whiskey Society where Amy?s love for Global Guru (whiskey and her new iPad ;-)) was very clear. Why not check out her video and see for yourself!

The second Global Guru winner was Sally Smith.

Sally is based in York (England) and I went to that great city to present Sally with her prize. Below is a picture of Sally and her son (who couldn?t wait to get his hands on the iPad!). Sally admitted that she didn?t know a lot about international business but still really enjoyed the game. Have a look at her video to see what else see has to say!

Our third winner, Natasha Goodman will be getting her iPad 2 very soon ? and a video will be posted in The Conversation and on our Facebook page.

So….. after reading about all our winners are you feeling left out? Well, don?t worry we still have more iPad 2?s to give away by simply playing Global Guru.

You know what you have to do!! GET PLAYING!!

Further information:

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