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Gary’s thought for the month

Last week I read with sadness that Steve Jobs has again stepped down as Apple?s Chief Executive. No official reason has been given, but it is widely reported as being as a result of his known on-going health issues. I like Jobs, I like him a lot. In fact he is one of my business ?hero?s?. And watching from afar, it has appeared that he and Tim Cook are a bit of a dream team. Jobs the vision, Cook the day to day excellence.

But I think their public pronouncements about the strength of the Apple culture are accurate. Cook is a 13 year veteran of the company, arriving the year after they filed for bankruptcy. He is the key part of the fabric of this business. The next few weeks will see the unveiling of the new versions of iPhone and I am sure that Apple will continue to dominate that market in the medium term, just 5 years after they were nowhere.

However, it?s another 5 years down the track that the true impact of this event will be seen. Of course, it depends on how much of a contribution Jobs can still make, but it will be in the medium to long term that his absence will be felt. Not only was he in the forefront of personal computing, but he revolutionised the music industry with iPod and iTunes and dominated the phone market with iPhone ? which of course is now as much a computer as a phone. Not forgetting the iPad which is the latest must have accessory!

The technology and business world will miss Steve Jobs. His vision, commitment to quality and renowned attention to detail has had a huge impact on all our lives. Not only is he a great innovator, he?s a great marketer too. Things we consider as every day essentials now didn?t exist 5 years ago. I hope he is around and fit enough to keep innovating for us all to enjoy. Best wishes Steve.

Oh ? and don?t forget, if you have yet to experience the wonders of an Apple product, I still have two iPad 2?s to give away to two lucky Global Guru?winners!

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