The Healthcare Industry and Formula One Join Forces!

At a glance you would think that the healthcare industry is a world apart from Formula One, but GlaxoSmithKline thought different. And I have to admit, it’s a collaboration I hadn?t conceived of, but having seen it, I think they are bang on with their thinking!

The drug maker believes that by working with the McLaren group it can utilize the cutting-edge technology of motor racing to become more efficient and compete better against its rivals.

Among the potential pay-offs Glaxo hope to improve its research and development performance, manufacturing processes and reactions to changing consumer trends and tastes.

McLaren?s unique system means that every component in the car can provide information to predict any errors which may occur such as failure. Using a similar mechanism in the production-line at Glaxo will create a constant and steady work flow system.

In addition to this, according to Katherine Hobson of Health Blog, ?Clinical-trial design and real-time patient monitoring and treatment adjustment, meantime, might be informed by the F1 Company?s system that allows team members to remotely monitor and make adjustments to aspects of care performance midrace, using wireless technology.?

Finally, Glaxo will try create a version of McLaren?s ?Mission Control? unit which allows them to access to racing cars to make regular minor adjustments to improve results every few minutes.

If McLaren GSK Centre for Applied Performance (as the new collaboration is named) is as successful as I think it could be, I think it is only a matter of time that others follow suit. Not only can the healthcare industry benefit from this development but other production companies too. Leading edge thinking is leading edge thinking whatever the industry application.

I think this is a move that will change production lines across many industries over the years and I will enjoy monitoring its progress very closely.

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