Is guest blogging a new approach to SEO?

Gone are the days of link sharing via websites, in fact it is now a big ?No No?! Guest Blogging is now the way forward to attain a wider audience.

Obviously there are two ways of using guest blogging in your marketing strategy ? as a writer and as blog owner. However either way, when done correctly is a clever, targeted technique enabling communication with a new audience.

Speaking from experience (we have been running a guest blog programme for ?The Conversation? for the last few months and I have written quite a few guest blogs previously) guest blogging can be a great link building process and have great benefits.

Effective guest blogging ?establishes trust and creditability in the industry, helps to build a brand, generates traffic and visitors to your site and helps your link building? according to Brick Marketing.

However, like all things there is a right and wrong way to go about things. It?s a bit of a clich? but the right way is to build relationships with the right type of people; good website owners or good writers. And when relationships are built, provide relevant articles which will benefit or interest the reader. This will then lead to valuable results will be evident.

The wrong way is to seek out any blog owner, regardless of the industry and offer your blog or to swap guest blog posts. You don?t want to just churn out guest blog after guest blog, with poor quality to irrelevant sites because they then become ineffective and can be quite damaging for the company image.

The bottom line is that by creating successful guest blogs can be hugely rewarding and generate large levels of traffic to your website.

Companies are investing thousands in SEO and finding ways to share links to their websites ? so why not give guest blogging a try (but only if are in a position to do it the ?right way?).

And if you think ?The Conversation? is the right place for your blog or that we could add to yours, then we would love to hear from you!

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