Lies about social media for businesses – do you believe them?

How often do we here people claim that they are ‘social media experts’? It is a term which I believe shouldn’t exist, unless people can see into the future. Social media is changing on a daily basis, so how can someone be in an expert is such a fast moving industry? This is just one of the many misrepresentations about social media.

Samantha Collier from PR Daily has compiled a list of other lies about social media which people need to be aware of. These include:

1. Social media is free.

Social media is NOT free. While the technology side is often free, it still requires human input (and quite a lot of it) to ensure the success of using social media. This takes time, and to use an old saying: time equals money. In addition to this, companies often outsource their social media to professional companies, which again, is not free.

2. You need influencers.

Influencers are people who are paid (or receive rewards) for promoting a product/service through social media. Their loyalty, in most instances, is minimal and very temporary. Businesses using social media should not be worrying about getting influencers and instead focus on brand advocates. These are people who love your products/services and will continue to spread the word because of their love and not because they are paid to do so.

3. You are guaranteed a new client within X amount of days.

Building a presence on social media takes time. Therefore getting clients builds time and unfortunately there is no timescales available as to when this will happen. It takes dedication, consistency and skill.

4. You need to be happy all of the time.

Nobody and no company is happy ALL of the time, so it is ok if your social media reflects some of this. Of course, it would not be advised to have a rant everyday online but it is ok to act like yourself (at least every once in a while!). Showing a real personality on social media platforms often works in a positive way, so try it out.

5. You should give up your real life for your online life.

People need to be able to switch off from their online platforms. It is not physically possible to be on there all of the time and it is acceptable not to be. So don’t give up your real life in an attempt to maximise the success of your social media – it will not work.

So have you fallen for any of these lies? Or do you disagree with any of them?

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