5 tips to help when writing B2B marketing content!

Working in the B2B sector, we are only far too familiar of the unwritten rules, regulations and level of seriousness which needs to be applied when communicating with our clients.

While the B2C sector often enjoys humorous, laid back communications, this is often not acceptable or frowned upon in B2B marketing. This is where a lot of B2B companies struggle with marketing communications; finding the right balance between presenting interesting information which people can relate too without completely boring the end receiver.

Here are five steps which can help you find that balance:

  1. Cut to the chase: keep the message as brief as possible. People rather a powerful idea that’s been cleverly packaged rather than bucket loads of information. ‘The more efficiently you can convey your message, he higher the likelihood that the right people will read it, as well as share it with others’ according to Dan Taylor a Digital Media Professional.
  2. Know who you are targeting: remember you can’t please all people all of the time, you need to identify the right people to target. If you try to encompass the widest audience, you’ll end up with a communication message that will no longer remain interesting or valuable to the intended target audience.
  3. Keep it human: although you need to keep it targeted you also need to keep human beings in mind. Taylor states ‘if you’re presenting highly technical or multi-faced communication, try applying the cut to the chase method’.
  4. Add value: With over 35 million WordPress blogs alone, it is important to keep in mind that your B2B consumers have a myriad of places that they can seek answers, make your content unique and valuable.
  5. Make your content findable:  Use SEO carefully and affectively. Identify what search terms your targets will be using. Keep the audience in mind and include your target keywords as well as any additional terms you target audience maybe be searching for.

By using these five steps you should be a few steps closer to reaching your B2B target audience.

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