Happy Birthday GALA!

Gary’s thought for the month

In December, I wrote about my honour and excitement of being elected to the GALA board (Exciting news…and exciting times). I applied to be on the board because I strongly believe that a strong industry needs a strong trade association at its head.

Since joining the localization industry I have continued to be puzzled at how the industry has such a low profile when our activity is so crucial to facilitating international business. I have further been frustrated at how such a high quality driven enterprise can be considered a commodity buy so frequently. I wanted to help to try to change that perception.

Since joining the board I have seen the Association in a different light. I have become even more aware of the sterling work of Laura Brandon and her team and their commitment to this industry.

In this, our 10th Anniversary year, I have also learnt about the Association’s roots, its history, and I have developed a deep respect for the efforts of people, who have donated their time willingly and for free. In particular I have began to understand the commitment of Hans Fenstemacher and Renée Sztabelski who had the vision and commitment to found this organization and stay with it in often less optimistic times. Their efforts and those pioneers who worked alongside them have reminded me that, at the end of our term, this current board of directors needs to leave a great legacy for those still to come to build on.

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