Who will be the next economic giants?

If, like many of the Conversis team, you listen to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 on the way into work, you may have caught the mini-series that has been broadcast this week about the so-called ‘MINT’ countries – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. These four nations have been earmarked by former Goldman Sachs […]

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Thought for the month

Is this the start of the changing of the guard? According to economists and business leaders in Davos for the World Economic Forum, the global economy is growing, but the markets pushing that growth are China, India and Brazil and other “emerging” markets like them. While the USA and Germany are predicted to grow this […]

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China v. India: How will history judge the West in our response?

Gary’s thought for the month During August, China became the world’s second largest economy, overtaking Japan, and the Economist published an excellent feature on the China-India relationship. The feature pointed out a largely unacknowledged fact: that until 1800 China and India made up half the world economy. We like to act like these two behemoths […]

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