Tips from Technology Giant Samsung on Social Media Spending

In September, I gave some tips on learning how to use Facebook Ads successfully, because let?s face it ? they?re here to stay! Social media marketing has dominated the market for the last number of years. Now the latest trend is social media spending.

This week Kimberly Maul from eMarketer?s interviewed Kris Narayanan, vice president of digital marketing at the North America headquarters for Samsung on the company?s plans for paid social media outreach for 2012.
Maul?s comments are interesting and relevant for the majority of businesses, below are some key points from taken from the interview.

1.?The focus of paid social media is generally the same for regular media. Key points to remember are you must be effective, enhance learning, produce the best content and news on a timely and relevant basis. The main difference in focus for paid and non-paid is that non-paid focuses more on conversations and listening.

2.?For Samsung, social media spending has increased every year for the last number of years, which will continue and was mainly focused on owned media and organic growth. The difference is for 2012 the social media spend will be more focused on the paid side, complimenting previous organic growth.

3.?Facebook advertising is working well for Samsung; however the aim for 2012 is to improve their tracking mechanism. Both Facebook and Samsung are improving their tool sets to have access to better analytics which will drive ad performance a lot better in the future.

4.?For technology companies social media works best as a listening tool to drive better products and can create excitement for the launch of a new product as those using technology social media sights will want to know when the next greatest product is available.

Looking at all of these points they seem quite simple yet effective and have the ability to be adapted for nearly all industries. And let?s face it, if it?s working for Samsung ? a successful global brand, I am these tips are worth following ? I know Conversis definitely will take them on board?.will you?

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2 thoughts on “Tips from Technology Giant Samsung on Social Media Spending

  1. As I’m sure many consumers will agree, Social Media is for personal (eg: non business) related engagement. When I am on a social media platform, I look straight past any commercial advertising and can honest say that I have never once click on an advert. The Click through rate must be a fraction of a percent, and for that reason I don’t know how that makes business sense.

  2. I tend to disagree. I think targeted Social Media Advertising, particlarly Facebook ads can be quite successful for brands and as a consumer I often click on them if they are of interest to me. I think there are challenegs which need to be overcome before they become really influential, such as trusting that it is a legite ad, but I think in time companies will see a huge benefit by investing in this way.

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